resolv_wrapper URI RR support - name compression

Matt Rogers mrogers at
Mon Aug 22 21:52:25 UTC 2016


I'm using resolv_wrapper from master at 02535da4 to test krb5 URI RR
lookups. Similar to the SRV records, rwrap_fake_uri() runs
ns_name_compress() on the result, however URI records contain a
formatted entry and not a DNS name, so I don't think that the call to
ns_name_compress() is valid here.  The result of running
ns_name_compress() on the URI record (which appears as
"krb5srv:m:kkdcp:https://kdc/path") is that it adds a " " to the
beginning that does not get removed with a subsequent uncompress. Any
objections to removing the ns_name_compress/uncompress on URI RR

Matt Rogers
Red Hat, Inc.

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