[PATCHES] ctdb-scripts: Make NFS Linux kernel callout cache exportfs output

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Mon Sep 14 03:05:29 UTC 2015

On Sun, 13 Sep 2015 21:54:29 +1000, Amitay Isaacs <amitay at gmail.com>

> On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 5:47 PM, Martin Schwenke <martin at meltin.net> wrote:
> > The important patch is this one:
> >
> >   [PATCH 2/2] ctdb-scripts: Make NFS Linux kernel callout cache exportfs
> >   output
> >
> >   exportfs can hang when, for example, DNS is flakey.  Given that it
> >   doesn't change much, cache it.
> >
> >   Don't try to add error handling when exportfs fails but do print a
> >   warning.  Proper error handling can be added separately.
> >
> I don't understand the need for nfs_export_file variable and the related
> code.
> For testing, CTDB_NFS_EXPORTS_FILE is set appropriately and exportfs stub
> would consult the variable.  This would create the appropriate cache file.

Sorry, the comment above that variable was obviously not useful.  :-(

nfs_export_file points to the file that is maintained by exportfs
-a/-r/-u.  The call-out only uses it for cache invalidation, when it is
newer than the cache.  The call-out doesn't actually use the contents
of the file since the format isn't documented.

Patches attached with updated comment and a slightly better commit
message.  :-)

> > The first patch just gives NFS callouts somewhere to store state.
> First patch is fine.

The first patch is actually the one I want to push soon to avoid
conflicts when I merge my branches for testing.  Please feel free to
push just that one...  ;-)

peace & happiness,
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