Herb Lewis hlewis at
Tue Nov 3 18:11:05 UTC 2015

I notice smbtorture uses several deprecated or obsolete SMB commands.
In particular there are a lot of calls to smb_raw_exit which sends an
SMB_COM_PROCESS_EXIT (0x11). MS-CIFS states that this is obsolete
and further states

In Core Protocol, open files (identified by FIDs) and any locks on those 
files were considered
"owned" by the client process. Starting with the LAN Manager 1.0 
dialect, FIDs are no longer
associated with PIDs. The client MAY allow open file handles to be 
shared between multiple
processes. CIFS clients SHOULD NOT send SMB_COM_PROCESS_EXIT requests. 
Instead, CIFS
clients SHOULD perform all process cleanup operations, sending 
individual file close operations as

Shouldn't we get rid of all these obsolete calls in smbtorture so we are 
testing what
clients will really be doing?

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