[PATCH] finddcs_ldap: make sure we process all the addresses

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed May 20 09:13:16 MDT 2015

Hi Alexander,

>> We may want to record 'status' in the state so that
>> finddcs_cldap_next_server() can report it if there're no more addresses
>> to try.
> New patch is attached. I've stored the status into the state and now
> return either not found or the status depending of whether we processed
> whole list of possible candidates properly or with an error.


Please add TALLOC_FREE(state->cldap); as the first thing in
finddcs_cldap_next_server(), so that we correctly cleanup a failed
attempt before trying the next server.

We should also have a bug reference in the commit message.

Then we can push it to master.


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