[PATCH] Add tests for pytalloc

Petr Viktorin pviktori at redhat.com
Thu Mar 5 06:23:51 MST 2015

I couldn't find any tests for talloc's Python bindings, so I wrote some.

The tests are a bit biased towards comparisons. This is because I'd like 
to switch that part to be Python3-compatible (richcmp), and I want to 
make it clear to myself and others that the functionality is unchanged 
under Python 2.
Also, as you'll find if you run the tests, the current comparisons 
generate warnings.

Review & merge would be appreciated.

I've looked at how tests for Python bindings for the various standalone 
libraries (ldb, tdb, ntdb, ) are run, and found that it's done 
differently each time. As part of the Python 3 effort, I'd like to write 
a helper to run Python tests (specifically, to run them under both 
Python versions, if you choose to build support for them). Are there any 
current efforts in this area, or thoughts about the ideal state, that I 
should be aware of?

Petr Viktorin
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