[PR PATCH] [Closed]: build:wafsamba: refactored the gcc-based dependency calculation

github at samba.org github at samba.org
Sat Dec 5 11:17:48 UTC 2015

There's a closed pull request on the Samba Samba Github repository

build:wafsamba: refactored the gcc-based dependency calculation
Description: * The option --enable-gccdeps had no effect (store_true),
  so it has been changed to --disable-gccdeps
* The duplicate gccdeps file provided in the Samba tree has
  been removed. It was already present as a Waf extension under
  the third_party directory.
* The module gccdeps has been backported from waf 1.8. Besides
  a few bug fixes, this new version will raise errors in case
  dependencies cannot be found
* The redundant tests present in the samba scripts have been removed
* The gccdeps extension will use the -MMD flag instead of -MD as
  dependencies on system headers are ignored by default
* When reviewing, make sure to remove stale .pyc files

Signed-off-by: Thomas Nagy <tnagy at waf.io>

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