debug symbols

rac8006 at rac8006 at
Wed Apr 22 15:05:55 MDT 2015

I've compiled samba 4.0.0 with -g and removed the -O3 option.  I was expecting to be able to 
display structures.  But I get No symbol "subnet_record" in current context.  I set the break
point to write_browse_list.  Then tried to look at the subnet_record.
Am I doing sum thing wrong?
All I did was edit the Makefile adding the -g and removeing the -O3.  Then did a make clean
followed by make samba.  
As a side note after doing this the code is in src/source3/bin rather than in bin.  Also the
nmbd and smbd programs are not symbolic links to samba_multicall.


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