HyperV and Samba

Steve French smfrench at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 21:59:27 MDT 2015

I was doing some experiments with Richard and David's HyperV patches
which seemed to work ok (at least for image creation, it failed when
actually running the image due to a configuration issue) - I could see
the effects of the three major sets of changes they made in the
wireshark traces

set compression
request resilient handles
various sparse file features used in image creation

but something very basic caused problems when I didn't do image
creation via PowerShell (as Jose's presentation gave as an example).
With Samba 4.1 (even without any changes) -  "net ads join" (and also
"net rpc join") will create and join a Samba/Linux computer to Windows
2012R2 domain (which you can prove by doing "dsquery computer") but
the Samba server does not show in the list of servers in any of the
Windows GUIs (e.g.   HyperV list of servers, or the List of File
Servers) so it is hard to manage.   I can of course explicitly connect
to the Samba server from Windows (NET USE or explorer), but am puzzled
how to get Samba server to show up in the list of file servers (in
HyperV configuration) so we don't have to do this through obscure
power shell commands.

Anyone have any success getting Samba to show up in list of file
servers in these Windows GUIs - I had assumed that some LDAP entries
need to be udpated in "net ads join" that aren't being updated.



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