[PATCHES] ctdb reloadnodes improvements (part 2)

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Wed Apr 1 23:45:34 MDT 2015

This is a second round of improvements to "ctdb reloadnodes":

* Fix a bug in the previous patch set to avoid spurious warnings about
  deleted nodes being disconnected.  This is ironic because the
  previous patch set was meant to address this.  This time around I've
  included a test for this case.

* Fix a bug in the flag pushing code.  We found this while playing
  around with inconsistent DELETED flags between nodes, so it might as
  well be pushed here.

* Disable recoveries and flag sanity checks while reloading nodes.

  There's a bunch of factorisation to support this.

  reloadnodes is now immediate and no longer causes a recovery.

* Factor out some related code for use in test stubs, instead of
  copying it there.

  The factorisation was in a previous version of the previous patch set
  - no use losing it.

These patches are in my ctdb-reloadnodes branch:


  git://git.samba.org/martins/samba.git (ctdb-reloadnodes branch)

Review and push appreciated.  Thanks!

peace & happiness,
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