Patch for WORM, git master

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at
Tue Oct 14 11:35:32 MDT 2014

Hello Michail,

Am 10.10.2014 um 16:08 schrieb Michail Srgznsk:
> I posted patch to bug 10430 and want to get technical help about my
> solution. (
> I tested this for samba-3.5.6, and it works fine, but Im not sure that it
> is good idea, may be there are pitfalls in this solution. I must warn, that
> THIS diff not fully tested, I only port my diff for 3.5.6. back to 'git
> master'.
> The main idea is to wrap all 'problem' functions: ntimes, open,
> chmod. What do you think about this?

Can someone have a look at Michails patch and give him a hint, please.
He backported the VFS_WORM module to 3.5 and fixed bug #10430 for that
old version.

The patch attached to the bug report applies to master and compiles, but
doesn't fix the problems mentioned in the bug report. But everything
that worked before, is still working. So it doesn't make it worse. It
only seems to have no effect. :-)


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