Steps to integrate LDAP with Samba4

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at
Tue Oct 7 07:42:36 MDT 2014

Hello Vivek,

Am 07.10.2014 um 14:50 schrieb Vivek Patil:
> I have install Samba4 on Centos6.5 and tested. Working fine.

Samba as AD DC with internal LDAP or Samba as an NT4 PDC with openLDAP

> But my another requirement is,
> 1. I had setup LDAP server for authentication and want to use LDAP users
> to authenticate

I don't understand that requirement. You can authenticate AD users via
LDAP, like you can against other LDAP servers.

If you mean if you can have an Samba AD DC with an external LDAP
backend: No, you can't (yet).

> 2. How I can setup new LDAP server with new install system and import
> users from old LDAP server

If you mean how you can setup a Samba AD DC and migrate accounts from
your Samba NT4 domain, see

> 3. Integrate LDAP users with samba4

Can you explain what you mean here?

If you give us more details about your environment and what your goals
are, it's easier to help. And if you ask such questions on the Samba
user mailing list, instead of the Samba developer list, you're having a
greater chance to get answers. ;-)


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