Help needed with current implementation for Tombstone reanimation feature

Kamen Mazdrashki kamenim at
Thu Nov 27 22:37:26 MST 2014

Hi Jelmer,

Recently we (me and Nadya with mighty help of Andrew) have been working on
Tombstone reanimation feature implementation in Samba.
Here is the branch:
And a pull request for tight view:

By the same time, you have pushed for review quite a number of
unittest-related patches.
So we decided to base our work on top of your patches expecting those
are going to be merged soon.
And here comes my problem lately - I can't rebase the branch on top of
current master anymore due to lots of merge conflicts in unittest-related
It looks like this code have been partially merged already.

If you could take a look at your patches in the above mentioned branch to
confirm those have been merged, it will be just awesome.
Couple of hour ago I have tried again to rebase those patches - this time
I choose to choose "master"  version of the code - and conflicts are on
every single
commit. And some of the conflicts are not trivial for me understand which
right and which is wrong :(


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