Simplifying the OpenChange setup process

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Tue May 6 08:38:47 MDT 2014

Am 01.04.2014 19:30, schrieb Jelmer Vernooij:
> At the moment, the process for setting up OpenChange on a new machine
> is fairly involved. It requires building and installing the software,
> and then various provisioning steps:
>  1) Provisioning Samba
>  2) Provisioning the OpenChange integration in Samba/AD (schemas, etc)
>  3) Editing smb.conf to add the various OpenChange services
>  4) Provisioning the OpenChange database
>  5) Possibly tweaking the ocsmanager settings, and setting up proxies
>  for ocsmanager/tcp_proxy
> I'm working on two changes that should help simplify this process,
> combining steps 1 through 4:
> loadparm_context creation hooks
> ===============================
> loadparm_init() creates a loadparm context and then sets a whole heap
> of defaults. These defaults can then be overwritten when a smb.conf
> file is loaded that has explicit settings.
> I'd like to allow modules to register a hook that gets run at the end
> of this function, so they can tweak the default values in lp_ctx.
> OpenChange could use this to add its own services to the "server
> services" list, something that currently requires manual editing of
> smb.conf by the user.

Sounds ok.

> Users will still be able to disable openchange by explicitly setting a
> 'server services' line, just as they are able to set it at the moment.
> hooks for setting up additional schemas in 'samba-tool domain provision'
> ========================================================================
> It should be possible to extend the functionality of the provisioning
> code in Samba. In particular I'm thinking of the ability to setup more
> schemas.
> This can be done by allowing a Python file that provides a certain
> interface to be dropped in a magic directory somewhere. OpenChange can
> then install such a file.

How would this work with upgrades of existing installations?


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