Replacing the Wiki user documentation page

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at
Sun May 4 22:19:25 MDT 2014

Am 05.05.2014 02:47, schrieb Jelmer Vernooij:
>> what do you think about replacing the user documentation page
>> ( with
> Do you mean replacing the first page with the contents of the second,
> or rather replacing links to the first with links to the second?

Sorry if it wasn't clear.

I wanted to drop the complete /Samba page and link the /HowTo_Guide page 
instead on all pages where /Samba was linked before.

> The name of the first page seems kind of nondescript to me, so I think
> we should avoid it.

Yes. That's why I want to drop the /Samba page. Everything in that Wiki 
is about Samba. :-)

In the past, that was the /Samba4 page, which was renamed last year to 
avoid the "Samba4" name.

 > I'd support replacing the links to the
 > documentation with links to /HowTo_Guide (or perhaps just /Howto?).

I think /HowTo is a bit to general. And it's not really a HowTo. It's a 
kind of table of content.

Or what about /User_Documentation contrary to /Developer_Documentation?


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