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Tue Mar 18 11:09:02 MDT 2014

Hi Jeff,

Please find my response inline.

>>        Based on our previous discussions , I have submitted a proposal
>> for the project "VFS change notification support" on Google
>> Melagne which is present at -
> That URL gives me:
>     "You are not logged in as the user in the URL."
> Is there a public link to it of some sort?

Though I have set the visibility of my project proposal to PUBLIC,
still I guess the organization members(those having Samba organization
access on Google Melagne) only can view the proposal. In order to
enable everyone to have a view on the same, I am copy pasting the
content of my proposal below.

 Kindly feel free for suggesting any modifications/objection/improvement-

Project Name -VFS change notification support
Organization: Samba

Short description: Inotify (inode notify) is a Linux kernel subsystem
that acts to extend filesystems to notice changes to the filesystem,
and report those changes to applications.

Additional info:

GOAL OF THE PROJECT -   Add inotify support to CIFS/SMB2 to
automatically update directory views, reload configuration files, log
changes, backup, synchronize, and upload.

Timeline -


Study the changeset and objections for ripping the earlier
implementation of dir_notify inode or dentry operation in Samba by


 Add patches to VFS mainline kernel code to support for calling into
the filesystem when setting up notifications.


 Add patches to cifs/smb2 to set up and deal with notifications from
the server in response to inotify/dnotify calls.

Major Deliverables of the project:  VFS change notification support in
CIFS filesystem.

Information about myself -

 Name-Saket Sinha
 Date of Birth-2nd January, 1989.
 Address for Correspondence: 439, Sectoer-16, 2nd Floor, Vasundhra,
Ghaziabad-201012, INDIA
 E-Mail: saket.sinha89 at
 IRC nick- disdi
 Ph no: +91 9999728043, +91 9415584157


 Post-Graduation (Pursuing) -   MSc(FOSS-CS) degree course from CDE,
Anna University, Chennai, INDIA

 Post-Graduate Diploma in Embedded System & VLSI Design from Centre of
Development & Advanced Computing, NOIDA, INDIA

 Graduation -  Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communication
from CET- IILM-AHL affliated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University,
Lucknow, INDIA


 PROJECT: HEPunion filesystem implementation as Linux module

 ROLE: (Developer)

  URL: ,

  GUIDE: Pierre Schweitzer

 At CERN LHCb experiment (Large Hadron Collider beauty), in order to
reconstitute and filter events, a huge computing facility is required
(currently ~1500 nodes). This computing farm, runs SLC (Scientific
Linux CERN), a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) derivate. All these
computing nodes get their operating system (Linux) from some dedicated
servers. Each node act as diskless nodes

 The aim of this project is to adapt and extend union file system as a
proper Linux module to address the requirements of a  a huge computing
facility, in our case which is LHCb experiment (Large Hadron Collider
beauty) at CERN. -The principle of the file system union is to join
several file systems, at least one read-only (generally) and one
read-write and use that union as a normal Linux file system.

 I think I am the right person for this project since I have
understanding of Linux kernel and have mainly worked on Filesystem
Drivers whose understanding is very important for this project.

Saket Sinha

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