[PATCH] Storing the ACL control flags with vfs gpfs.

Alexander Werth werth at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Mar 12 07:24:48 MDT 2014


The current nfs4 module drops the ACL control flags from the security
descriptor. The NFS4.1 spec also specifies ACL flags so I added a way to
pass these control flags on to the nfs4 filesystems.

The first patch adds hocks to the nfs4_acls common code to store and
retrieve the control flags in the acl struct.

And I wrote a patch that allows to store these ACL control flags in the
vfs gpfs module which is supported with gpfs 3.5 and up.
The vfs gpfs patch allows to build without the control flags on older
gpfs versions and also has the ability to run the same vfs module on
older and newer gpfs versions.

Both patches apply to the current master.
Please comment.


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