on receiving 'searchResRef ' message from win2003 AD results in unbinding of samba

Adarsha S s.adarsha at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 01:16:50 MDT 2014

Hi ,

In my LDAP setup , samba 3.5.1 is installed on my debian linux machine and
using Windows 2003 AD server.
During clients authentication , on receiving searchResRef  from windows
server my samba doesnt response and due to timeout unbind happens.

The message flow is as below:

Samba 3.5.1                                    Windows 2003

bindRequest  ---------------------------------->
                    <---------------------------------- bindResponse
searchREquest[whole subtreee]---------->
                    <------------------------------------ searchResEntry  |
unbindRequest [after 40sec]----------------->

But on receiving " searchResEntry | searchResDone " samba works fine and
clients get authenticated.

I tried looking into the code flow but couldn't make out the function
handling these messages.
I tried to trace using logging to a file but failed.
Please help me in knowing the function which handles LDAP messages received
from windows server.


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