samba4 - strange inconsistency in group membership

Dr. Hansjoerg Maurer hansjoerg.maurer at
Mon Jul 21 07:16:55 MDT 2014


we have a samba4 based AD and I put several users into a windows group test_group using MMC.

The group membership is shown, if  I query it using

samba-tool group listmembers test_group
and if a do an 
id -a 
on a user in this group (using winbind on the samba4 AD-DC) 

But if I query the group using

ldapsearch  -P 3 -x -W -D "CN=A,OU=Users,DC=TEST-AD,DC=LAN" -H ldap://localhost  -b "DC=TEST-AD,DC=LAN" -s sub "(cn=test_group)"

member: CN=Firstname Lastname,OU=Users,DC=TEST-AD,DC=LAN



ldbedit -e vi -H /etc/samba/sam.ldb

only some (about the half) members of the group are shown.
What could be the reason for this inconsitency



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