[PATCHES] CTDB - fix a flaky test

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Wed Jul 2 04:04:25 MDT 2014

2 patches:

* ctdb-scripts: Always print footer when debugging hung script

  There shouldn't be an early exit for the "init" event.  Just make the
  "ctdb scriptstatus" call conditional.

  While here, move the comment about only running a single instance to
  be near locking code.  The comment is more useful there.

* ctdb-tests: Fix racy test for debugging hung scripts

  Debugging can still be running when a monitor event times out and
  scriptstatus output changes.

  When debugging a hung script to a log file, write to a temporary file
  and move the temporary file over the log file when done.  The test
  then waits for the log file to appear.

The first patch just makes the 2nd patch possible by removing an early

Please review and push if OK.

These patches are in my ctdb-test branch:


peace & happiness,
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