smbd crashed in posix_acls.c:process_deny_list

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Wed Jan 22 20:36:42 MST 2014

My smbd crashed when setting windows acl, my samba version is 3.6.16, here is a small piece of log.smbd:
[2014/01/23 10:24:06.204184, 10] smbd/posix_acls.c:848(print_canon_ace_list)
print_canon_ace_list: file ace - before deny
canon_ace index 0. Type = deny SID = S-1-5-7 gid 16777223 (16777223) SMB_ACL_GROUP ace_flags = 0x0 perms rwx
canon_ace index 1. Type = deny SID = S-1-1-0 other SMB_ACL_OTHER ace_flags = 0x0 perms rwx
*** glibc detected *** smbd: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x00002b0acaeb21c0 ***
The program went to the codes posix_acls.c:process_deny_list below:
if (curr_ace->perms == ALL_ACE_PERMS) {
* Optimisation. This is a DENY_ALL to Everyone. Truncate the
* list at this point including this entry.
canon_ace *prev_entry = DLIST_PREV(curr_ace);
free_canon_ace_list( curr_ace );
if (prev_entry)
DLIST_REMOVE(ace_list, prev_entry);
else {
/* We deleted the entire list. */
ace_list = NULL;
I think we should set prev_entry->next = NULL and ace_list->prev = curr_ace->prev before calling free_canon_ace_list.
But I want more, as this is a DENY_ALL to everyone, it would be OK to remove the entire list. I rewrite the codes below:
ace_list = NULL;
Please let me know if I am right. Thank you.
I enabled windows acl with parameters below:
vfs objects=acl_xattr 
map acl inherit=yes 
inherit acls=yes 
store dos attributes=yes
dos filemode=yes
ea support=yes

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