smbcacls support for automatic inheritance propagation

Noel Power nopower at
Fri Jan 31 10:52:04 MST 2014

Hi David

On 31/01/14 15:26, David Disseldorp wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Jan 2014 16:25:40 +0000, Noel Power wrote:
>> On 30/01/14 15:41, Noel Power wrote:
>>> thanks (updated patches to follow) Noel 
>> I failed miserably with git send-mail, no doubt I have now a couple of
>> patches in the moderation queue, please see
>> for
>> the patches instead
> This round looks good, there are a few more things I ran into during
> testing/review:
> prepare_inheritance_propagation() validates the command line ACL after
> connecting to the share. I'd prefer it if this was done beforehand.
> cacl_set() should use the same code path as inheritance_cacl_set(),
> as it's basically the same as doing a inheritance_cacl_set() with
> acl_no_propagate.
> There are still some mixed declarations and code (lines 1620 and 1683).
> Cheers, David contains
the latest patches that
a) address the review comments
b) the issue of not losing the inherited and inheritable ace(s)
associated with the container smbcacls is about to operate on

p.s. I will roll up those patches into another round of the original
patch set ( but it might even be easier to review the last 3 commits at
the branch above)


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