allow dns updates on samba4

Carlos Miguel Bustillo Rdguez cbustillo at
Fri Jan 24 13:11:13 MST 2014

Hello list:

   This is my scenario:


My Samba4 DCs are in subnet and Windows clients are in
other subnets.

When I join a Windows client to my domain, if this client are located
out of subnet it is not able to add its IP address to DNS
automatically. To solve this I had to add to my smb.conf (thanks to Chan
Min Wai <dcmwai at>):

allow dns updates = nonsecure

Is normal this behaviour??
Why secure dns updates don't work when clients are in external subnets?

I try to add a subnet in "Active Directory Sites and Services", but
without success. The only way is the one above.

Regards, Carlos

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