Auto-generate files associated with param_functions.c using docs at build time

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Thu Jan 16 01:43:48 MST 2014

On Thu, 2014-01-16 at 18:51 +1300, Garming Sam wrote:
> The files which are now generated are:
>      loadparm_ctx_table.c
>      s3_param.h
>      param_local.h
>      param_global.h
>      param_proto.h (in the case of lib/param, it generates the section 
> that uses param_functions.c)
> The original perl scripts generated these files from param_functions.c. 
> Now, the generation has been incorporated into to 
> generate them directly from the documentation. This at the very least 
> removes a level of indirection.
> The current changes are in a repository:
> git:// polished-param2
> Slowly, but surely, we've been managing to identify the differences 
> between the two loadparm systems. Moving pieces here and there and 
> removing special cases which don't benefit a lot from being special 
> cases -- generally making them line up better. Right now, we're looking 
> at removing some of the transitions and the extra glue between the two 
> systems, which should in turn remove some of the files which I've now 
> managed to generate. It seems a little roundabout, but in actually try 
> to do this stuff, it has shown us areas we've needed to fix.
> I hope I can accomplish something good.

This looks really good Garming!  I think this really shows well how
valuable this clean up is, and it's great to see the generator finally
published and in use in the tree. 

One commit that needs attention is;a=commitdiff;h=e5657e7bac55f26d7592efb177854733b219db5a (we just need to fix the commit to say what the manpages now say: that we have kept read raw/write raw, but have deprecated it).  Make sure to mark it as pair-programmed-with or add your signoff, as you did the hard work to live up to my response to Volker on this.

Other than that, feel free to add my reviewed-by to all these, as I
looked over them all while we worked on them, or my
signed-off-by/pair-programmed-with to the patches we did together. 


Andrew Bartlett
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