[PATCH] s3: set native os according to Windows and NBT_ANNOUNCE_VERSION defines

Björn Jacke bj at sernet.de
Mon Jan 13 02:43:36 MST 2014

On 2014-01-08 at 07:37 +1300 Andrew Bartlett sent off:
> On Tue, 2014-01-07 at 15:57 +0100, Björn Jacke wrote:
> > When the native os in sessionsetup is "Unix" then broken Konica Minolta
> > printers refuse to talk to those CIFS servers. Other CIFS servers also announce
> > themselves with native os Windows. Let's do the same to improve
> > interoperability with broken devices like those printers from Konica Minolta.
> > Thanks to Daniel Hoffmann for finding and reporting this Konika printer
> > brokenness.
> > 
> > This fixes Bug #10168.
> I do worry what the engineer that deliberately added this insane check
> will add next (such as checking the next string, which I would be much
> more worried about changing, due to loss of debugging).  However, I'm
> not objecting to the concept. 

I don't see a loss of debugging here. I decided to fix it this way and not
make it an option intentionally cause to have this an option doesn't buy us
anything. We would just have another option which confuses people and which
actually nobody hardly ever needs. In the session setup there are bits which
reveal much more reliable what kind of server we are. Actually there is still
the String Samba+Version number also here. Just "Unix" is replaced with
"Windows SAMBA_MAJOR_NBT_ANNOUNCE_VERSION". The biggest competitor of us does
also announces as "Windows xxx" as native OS.

> Can you please at least match the next string and asprintf it, or move
> both to talloc_asprintf?  In general, we were trying to move away from
> fstring to talloc strings. 

about this there seems to be no consensus, you say it should be this way, I
heard two other voices saying this is the way to go.

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