[Samba] Can a DC have 2 IP addresses

Danie Wessels Danie.Wessels at pbmr.co.za
Thu Feb 27 01:50:28 MST 2014

Thanks Stéphane

> Yes, A DC can have 2 IP... bu when doing classic-upgrade or provision... 
> only one IP must be active.
> Otherwise DNs config part can choice bad IP, I don't know why but....
"bad IP"?
Both IPs are "good", i.e. functioning.

> regards
>        Stéphane Purnelle
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> Stéphane PURNELLE                         Admin. Systèmes et Réseaux 
> Service Informatique       Corman S.A.           Tel : 00 32 (0)87/342467

>>  I have such a situation and am trying to narrow down the problem to 
>> the root cause.

Now I'll have to look elsewhere for the source of my errors:
"ads_connect: Server not found in Kerberos database"
"kadmin: Cannot find KDC for requested realm while initializing kadmin interface"

Danie W

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