[PATCH] Fix the last of the defaults and include a test to check them

Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Sun Feb 2 23:48:28 MST 2014

On 2014-02-03 at 17:55 +1300, Garming Sam wrote:
> On 03/02/14 12:25, Michael Adam wrote:
> >Thanks for the explanation!
> >
> >According to my pervious mail, I have prepared a first patchset for
> >pushing. It does not add any function= occurrences except for those
> >where the function starts with a "_". I.e those additions of
> >function metadata that can be avoided by renaming variables and FN_
> >definitions. A few of the original patches also added "parm" or
> >"constant" metadata: I kept that portion of the original patches
> >removing the function bit. One additional change is that I split
> >the patch "docs: insert meta data into enable spoolss and
> >writeable for marking a synonym" into two (keeping authorship etc).
> >
> >See this state in my master-param-reviewed branch:
> >https://git.samba.org/?p=obnox/samba/samba-obnox.git;a=shortlog;h=master-param-reviewed
> >
> >If you are OK with that I'd push these and pursue the
> >renaming of the functions+variables (and encourage you to
> >join in. :-)
> >
> >Cheers - Michael
> >
> Hi Michael,
> The small amount of renames unexpectedly caused a bunch of issues
> with merging.
> If it would be alright, it would be a lot easier to get some of the
> other auto-generation stuff in the tree before trying to deal with
> the renames, or at least do them on top of my patch series. I
> managed to rename a few to fix some conflicts whilst trying to
> rebase my tree, but it's going to more problematic if there are
> going to be more of them. I really do want to get these renames
> done, but I think it would be a better application of the effort
> would be to get these patches in and then remove them one by one.
> The patch series as it is, should be ready for master. But in
> between auto generate param_functions.c at build time and param: use
> generate_param.py to generate loadparm_ctx_table.c there is a build
> issue - for parallel builds only - due to a waf dependency issue,
> which we couldn't seem to resolve despite our best efforts. The
> issue comes from chaining the generation of multiple files on each
> other. To be clear, the final solution avoids this step since it
> generates directly from the documentation.
> New branch location:
> git://git.catalyst.net.nz/samba.git  polished-param3
> http://git.catalyst.net.nz/gitweb?p=samba.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/polished-param3

Ok, I need to look more thoroughly, but it seems
that you kept a lot of the patches introducing the
"function" metadata - those which I flagged "TODO" in my
master-param branch. Ideally we would avoid pushing those
to master, since they would be reverted after the corresponding
renames anyways ... I will follow up later.

Cheers - Michael

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