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Ralph Böhme rb at
Thu Apr 10 05:42:48 MDT 2014


For all interested in Samba supporting Spotlight for OS X clients:


is already working as far as correctly replying to queries from
clients. \o/

Samba acts as a proxy fowarding search queries to Gnome Tracker after
mapping Apple's Spotlight query language to SPARQL.

IPC between Samba and the Tracker store is done via dbus in the
relevant tracker library (libtracker-sparql). As all but the very
latest Tracker version register services in DBUS user context, I have
to use a bit of a hack in order to

- run Tracker in root DBUS user context

- pair every call to tracker in Samba within

Latest Tracker 1.0 adds support for registering Tracker in DBUS system
context, which will allow for a cleaner integration in the future.


- install tracker and libtracker-sparql-dev (or whatever it's called
  on your system)

- use a script like the following for starting Samba and a "private"
  dbus instance: <>

- install a dbus-session.conf file in the location referenced in the
  start script and adust path in listen directive:
- configure samba with --enable-spotlight

Comments welcome :-)


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