samba AD DC - Is the now enabled python samba_kcc really working?

Günter Kukkukk linux at
Fri Apr 4 03:31:55 MDT 2014

Hi folks,

for some time now;a=commitdiff;h=52ec52b677e8104596aba7bcb933dfe8fc8cdd5c
the python samba_kcc is enabled by default.

Has the proper working *really* been tested since then?

When i here build/install/provision_vs_join a fresh git master on three samba AD DCs,
drs replication is *NOT* working at all as expected! (inbound/outbound).
Can be good visually examined with MS server GUI tools.

In smb.conf [global] I have to use (these days)
    kccsrv:samba_kcc = false
to get at least both inbound/outbound working (Can't tell whether right or not...)

For all which are a bit interested in the technical background about "topology calculations": (scroll down to the pictures)      (afaik - the used samba algorithm)

Please test - and comment ...

Cheers, Günter


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