The specified network name is no longer available

Mauro M. mm12 at
Mon Sep 16 01:51:09 CEST 2013

Thank you Richard,

I will start over tomorrow with loglevel = 10. I have posted before my
logs, but they were level 5.


On Sun, September 15, 2013 9:52 pm, Richard Sharpe wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 1:25 PM, Mauro M. <mm12 at> wrote:
>> Hello again,
>> I have seen several of these cases posted on the internet without
>> resolution. It is clear that there is a problem somewhere which is still
>> unresolved.
>> I have contacted one user who posted a similar message several months
>> ago
>> and who did not receive a reply. He said he has solved the problem by
>> installing from the compiled source after he moved from VmWare Virtual
>> boxes to VirtualBox thus hinting that his VmWare deplyment might have
>> been
>> the cause.
>> I have a plain CentOS 6.4 install (from Live DVD) and a plain Windows 7
>> service pack 2 with up to date patches and nothing else installed. In my
>> case I use CentOS native qemu/kvm Virtualization for the Linux CentOS
>> VM/Samba4 server and 1 Windows 7 client on VM + 1 Windows 7 client on
>> physical laptop. I doubt the fact that I am using VMs could have any
>> influence. It should not.
>> I have now tried (every time starting over with fresh installs) with:
>> - sernet packages
>> - samba4 compiled from sources pulled using git
>> - SOGo packages
>> With all of them I got the same result when attempting to join the
>> domain:
>> ================================================================
>> The following error occurred attempting to join the domain
>> "mydomain.local"
>> The specified network name  is no longer available
>> ================================================================
>> Please see my previous posts for details.
> I know that this stuff can be frustrating, but it is also frustrating
> when someone posts without making it easy for developers to find the
> info you are referring to. Since it does not show up in gmail in this
> thread, it is not easy for me to find and is probably not easy for
> those who would work on this problem to find.
> Perhaps you could drop links into a reply.
>> I cannot believe that starting from fresh installs I get always the same
>> failure. This means that there is really something wrong with samba4.
> Well, or there is something wrong with your setup :-)
>> I am surprised as well that I have received only 3/4 replies to my posts
>> without further follow-up. If I am doing something wrong, I would like
>> to
>> understand; conversely if there is something wrong with samba4 (and
>> there
>> must be!) I thought that the developers would like to know.
>> I am available to help with testing and debug, and I would be grateful
>> if
>> I could receive some suggestions.
> Have you enabled level 10 logging on the DC? What do the logs show?


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