[PATCH] fix waf rpath ordering problem

Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Wed Oct 16 09:59:19 MDT 2013


attached find a patch that fixes WAF rpath ordering problem
in our build:

When a library or system (like cups) provides an RPATH,
e.g. with -Wl,-R or -Wl,-rpath, this was added by waf
to the LINKFLAGS, wich was later prepended to our RPATH.
But if the path by chance contains an older version of
one of our internal libraries like talloc, this would lead
to linking the too old talloc into our binaries.

This has been observed on, e.g., FreeBSD, with cups and
talloc installed from packages/ports to /usr/local,
but it is a general problem.

The patch has been tested and reviewed by Volker already
and could hence be pushed to master (and I will unless I
ge a veto.)

But I am copying Thomas (ita) since the patch touches wafadmin
instead of wafsamba. So maybe you can also comment on whether
there is a better way to fix this or whether this would also
be a patch for upstream waf.

Thanks - Michael

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