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Tue Oct 1 08:44:04 MDT 2013

Good Morning Samba Team,

We are running samba-3.5.10 on a RHEL 6.3 box. Unfortunately, Red Hat does not support the module we need.
"This vfs_gpfs.so module is not shipped with Red Hat samba package .The basic idea about our support policy is 'if we ship it, we support it.' Therefore, this setup is not supported."

My question is, do we need this module to run or is there a work around?

Since we already have samba running and we do not need an entire installation, how do we compile and exact only the vfs_gpfs module?


On the box:
# rpm -qa | grep samba

# rpm2cpio samba-3.5.10-125.el6.x86_64.rpm | cpio -tdmv | grep vfs_gpfs.so
35707 blocks

Attempting to use the 'vfs objects = gpfs' option in smb.conf throws the following errors in samba logs
[2012/08/10 10:58:56.718346,  0] smbd/vfs.c:167(vfs_init_custom)
  error probing vfs module 'gpfs': NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL
[2012/08/10 10:58:56.718442,  0] smbd/vfs.c:309(smbd_vfs_init)
  smbd_vfs_init: vfs_init_custom failed for gpfs


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