samba_dnsupdate changes for better RODC support

Michael Brown michael at
Thu Nov 21 09:14:03 MST 2013

While attempting to get samba4 RODC functionality working I encountered 
a few problems with DNS entries not being added. This patch helps 
alleviate them.

Most of the changes are a result of seeing how Windows 2008R2 behaves in 
the same setup and duplicating that. For example, these two DNS records:

SRV _ldap._tcp.${SITE}._sites.DomainDnsZones.${DNSDOMAIN} ${HOSTNAME} 389
SRV _ldap._tcp.${SITE}._sites.ForestDnsZones.${DNSFOREST} ${HOSTNAME} 389

Unfortunately samba won't *actually* add them yet:
Unable to map to netlogon DNS update: SRV 389
Unable to map to netlogon DNS update: SRV 389

This has *not* been tested in a full DC scenario, I've been focusing on 


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