CTDB is now in Samba master! [Re: CTDB in master?]

Amitay Isaacs amitay at samba.org
Wed Nov 13 16:15:43 MST 2013

Hi Michael,

On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 3:39 AM, Michael Adam <obnox at samba.org> wrote:

> Hi Amitay,
> Hi List,
> Metze and I have just prepared and pushed the merge of
> ctdb-master with samba-master to the master branch of samba.git.

Thanks for the effort.

> (Note: This has not gone through autobuild since the
>  rebasing-action of autobuild would have destroyed the merge.)
> We have also restricted the ctdb.git repo, so that it is
> not possible any more to push to master.
> Now pushes to ctdb
> - have to go through samba's autobuild
>   (This currently builds ctdb alone and together with samba
>    in the "samba-ctdb" target - selftest runs against this
>    target are in preparation..)
> - should (according to our kind-of-voluntary review policy)
>   also carry review / signoff tags of at least two team members.
> Similarly, we have disabled pushing to most of the old
> release and test branches, keeping only 1.2.40 and 1.0.114
> active.
> Amitay: If you need to (re)open more branches just let us know.
As discussed on IRC, I would definitely like to create new branch 2.5, so
any bug fixes on top of 2.5 can be pushed to that branch (and the same
reasons why 1.0.114 and 1.2.40 branches are still active! :-))

> More details and probably discussion later. :-)
> Cheers - Michael

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