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Hi again,

After adjusting the fireall, I can get dnsmgmt.msc to run and it 
connects to the DNS, so that's good. Just to make it clear, I never 
administered a Windows server, therefore this is new for me. I have a 
forward lookup zone and a reverse lookup zone. In the forward zone I 
have and Do you have 
to add new foward zones and reverese zones, then remove the previous 
ones? Is there a step-by-step instruction, so I get it right? What is 
the _msdcs thing?

On 05/16/2013 09:06 AM, karmouta yvan wrote:
> Hi bogdan_bartos
> >
> > I want to know if it's possible to switch the samba 4 backup to be 
> restored
> > onto another machine that has a different IP. For example if the 
> original
> > samba was running on IPv4 only on, can the provisioning be
> > restored on a machine that is running on both IPv4 on and
> > IPv6? What needs to be done in order to accommodate a new IP addressing
> > besides the configuration in smb.conf?
> >
> I had a similar situation recently. If you have to change the IP 
> address it's better first to keep the original IP address  and then 
> add the new IP address on eth0:0 for example. Next you run 
> samba_dnsupdate, you should see in the DNS mmc console the new NS and 
> SRV entries. Then you should be safe to remove the old one and remove 
> the old DNS entries from the DNS.
> Actually if you don't have the original IP addres when you run the 
> samba_dnsupdate it fails stating it doesn't find the DNS server since 
> they are no NS records for the new IP address. If you smb.conf is 
> standard one you don't have to change it.
> Please let me know if there is a more straight way to do it.
> cheers.
> Yvan

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