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Thu May 16 09:06:59 MDT 2013

Hi bogdan_bartos

 > I want to know if it's possible to switch the samba 4 backup to be 
 > onto another machine that has a different IP. For example if the original
 > samba was running on IPv4 only on, can the provisioning be
 > restored on a machine that is running on both IPv4 on and
 > IPv6? What needs to be done in order to accommodate a new IP addressing
 > besides the configuration in smb.conf?

I had a similar situation recently. If you have to change the IP address 
it's better first to keep the original IP address  and then add the new 
IP address on eth0:0 for example. Next you run samba_dnsupdate, you 
should see in the DNS mmc console the new NS and SRV entries. Then you 
should be safe to remove the old one and remove the old DNS entries from 
the DNS.

Actually if you don't have the original IP addres when you run the 
samba_dnsupdate it fails stating it doesn't find the DNS server since 
they are no NS records for the new IP address. If you smb.conf is 
standard one you don't have to change it.

Please let me know if there is a more straight way to do it.



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