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I have been studying and practicing samba since a little while now. I am
very much interested in building a samba PDC. Which I have managed to
create using different tutorials available on net. I have been able to
authenticate both windows and linux users from same PDC.

Now I am trying to achieve group policy settings using the same setup.
currently I have a raw Idea in my mind which I am not sure I would be able
to successfully implement.

The Idea is to use .tdb files to store system registry information of
windows users in samba pdc database. is it really possible to do this  I
really doubt.

I would like to know if it is possible to store client registry information
on samba pdc tdb files. And then if it is possible to make windows read
those settings when system logs in.

I have come across usage of net conf and net registry commands. But it is
difficulties to achieve expertise using very less references available on

I have also read about libsmbconf which can be used as an api while coding
programs. I can create programs in c, c++. I am very much interested in
getting through successful implementation of this idea if it is possible.

Or maybe if someone could share some other Idea through which this can be

I would appreciate help from mailing list members here.
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