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Hi Luke,

On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 12:52:12AM +0000, luke morrison wrote:
> My Questions----------------
> I have 2 short questions :
> 1) Basically is there any documentation at all what exactly libgpo
> is trying to do, and how it is doing it? I see in netcmd as a
> good tool, however for what I am doing, I may or may not need it. I
> started and will probably finish with libgpo, however it seems like
> everything is broken down into pieces a bit. What is the sequence of
> events?And at which point is LDAP called for info?
I'm not too familiar with libgpo, so I'll leave that question for
somebody else to answer. I think obnox worked on it?

> 2) This question is about the registry. First off, really cool! I
> was in shock when I was looking around in the raw unicode format of
> .pol files to see that Samba actually both has a registry.c and a
> pyregistry.c. I know will most likely need these tools.  When we are
> reading a Registry.pol file with (shared python/c
> binaries), is it parsed directly with pyregistry.c? ( I understand
> it is a yes or no question but I would be ever so happy to get a bit
> more detail on it).
libregistry contains the actual parsers, pyregistry is a small
wrapper that provides python bindings for libregistry. ("import samba.registry") are the python bindings, which
live in pyregistry.c

The registry.pol reading is probably done in patchfile_preg.c. 

> ps did Jelmer document his method for bindings? Is he the only person on the team I can really email to ask about higher level binding? Interfacing python objects with the Talloc hierarchical memory context is a serious matter, that would be nice to have a few raw informational tidbits on.
I'll see if I can write up something about the pytalloc library this

For general information on writing C bindings for Python, see

For a recent run of pydoctor against the Samba tree, see

> Thanks again and let me know if I am breaking any etiquette by asking too many questions,
That's not a problem. In general, please try asking specific questions -
they're much easier to answer than a general "How does X work?".


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