Ideas? Can one avoid an NBT query when connecting to a DC?

Gordon Ross gordon.w.ross at
Sun Jul 28 23:55:46 MDT 2013

I have an unusual deployment, which is a specialized configuration,
the details of which I won't bother getting into, except to say that
Samba needs to use "RPC style join", and it can't reliably get UDP
traffic from the domain controller.  Currently, this breaks the NBT
name query performed here:
  source3/libsmb/namequery.c : name_status_find()

Here's the call stack leading up to that:

I've setup an lmhosts file telling Samba the IP address of a
domain controller, and the above code finds that OK, but
still tries to do a UDP port 137 query to the DC, and that
never gets a response, so node_status_query gives an
error which bubbles up to the "net rpc join".
(No, this env can't use AD-style join.)

After looking at name_status_find, I see that it checks
the cache first.  I wonder if there might be a way to
stuff a lookup result into that cache.  Anyone know?
Or any other ideas for getting around that NBT query?


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