ctdb-2.3-3.1 on SLES11 SP2: Timed out waiting for initialisation

Rainer Krienke krienke at uni-koblenz.de
Thu Jul 25 07:10:52 MDT 2013

Am 17.07.2013 04:20, schrieb Martin Schwenke:
> If not, can you please try running the wrapper like this?
>   sh -x /usr/sbin/ctdbd_wrapper /var/run/ctdb/ctdbd.pid start
> If the loop keeps continuing it must be because "ctdb runstate ..." is
> failing.  If that's the case, can you please remove the redirections on
> this line?
>   if ctdb runstate first_recovery startup running >/dev/null 2>&1 ; then
> That is, you want it to look like this:
>   if ctdb runstate first_recovery startup running ; then


in between my test-cluste ris up and running. Works fine again with ctdb
1.2 but ctdb 2.3 does not seem to be able to start up.

The problem is that in the startup loop in ctdb_wrapper::start() none of
the ctdb runstate commands is able to connect to ctdb allthough ctdbd is
running. First of all I set CTDB_STARTUP_TIMEOUT=30 to have more time to
look for problems.

The error message when I run ctdb_wrapper manually is:

2013/07/25 14:29:45.361089 [25872]: client/ctdb_client.c:275 Failed to
connect client socket to daemon. Errno:No such file or directory(2)

However ctdbd is running at this time:

Finally after running an strace on ctdb status I saw, that ctdb is
accessing /tmp/ctdb.socket allthough in /etc/sysconfig/ctdb CTDB_SOCKET
is set to "/var/lib/ctdb/ctdb.socket".  Looks like ctdb does not
evalueate this option in /etc/sysconfig/ctdb	

After setting /tmp/ctdb.socket to be used as socket file on all nodes I
was able to start ctdb on all nodes, but the would stay in state
UNHEALTHY, because winbindd (samba 3.6.16) crashes, again because of
/var/lib/ctdb/ctdb.socket setting:

2013/07/25 14:50:26,  1] lib/ctdbd_conn.c:195(ctdbd_connect)
  connect(/var/lib/ctdb/ctdb.socket) failed: Connection refused
[2013/07/25 14:50:26,  2] lib/messages.c:209(messaging_init)
  messaging_ctdb_init failed: NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED
[2013/07/25 14:50:26,  0] lib/util.c:1117(smb_panic)
  PANIC (pid 4511): Could not init winbindd's messaging context.

[2013/07/25 14:50:26,  0] lib/util.c:1221(log_stack_trace)
  BACKTRACE: 6 stack frames:
   #0 /usr/sbin/winbindd(log_stack_trace+0x1a) [0x7f36719a1e6a]
   #1 /usr/sbin/winbindd(smb_panic+0x2b) [0x7f36719a1f3b]

Looks for me as if packaging of ctdb and smb are not yet compatible as
far as paths are concerned. I downloaded the precompiled packages from


where also the older ctdb 1.2 version and a little older smb-version
came from.

Does anyone know a package source for sles11 sp2 or sp3 with a working
ctdb 2.3.

Rainer Krienke, Uni Koblenz, Rechenzentrum, A22, Universitaetsstrasse  1
56070 Koblenz, http://userpages.uni-koblenz.de/~krienke, Tel: +49261287 1312
PGP: http://userpages.uni-koblenz.de/~krienke/mypgp.html,Fax: +49261287

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