GSOC report 2: Improvements in smbclient backup mode

Aurélien Aptel aurelien.aptel at
Fri Jul 5 10:43:56 MDT 2013

Hi all,

This week I've written more tests for my test suite which now covers
most usage of smbclient tar feature. The code is fully documented in
the source and the documentation can be exported as a manpage or as

The script is available on my public repo on the gsoc_test_tarmode

I've played with libarchive to get more familiar with it and I've
started to rewrite clitar.c (almost) from scratch, taking pieces from
the old code as I need them.

I rewrote some basic interactive commands to get started and I'm
currently working on the argument parsing, which is a bit weird for
tar. It lives on its own in the code as it doesn't use (and can't
AFAIK) popt like the rest of smbclient.

This new clitar.c is available on the gsoc_clitar_libarchive branch.

As usual, you can read more on my daily journal[3].


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