smbd segfault during failed oplock break (Re: Problems with Samba 4 Beta 1 and a possible bug that was previously reported)

Jürgen Graband juergen.graband at
Thu Feb 28 20:44:08 MST 2013

At first I apologize for my bad English.

I then apologize that I bother you directly. But you are the only one, I
found in respect of this topic on the Internet. 


The theard
describes the issue rather exactly. I have downloaded the stable version of
samba 4 of, Compiled and customized it. 


Short description of my environment: 

Router: AVM 7390 

Server: HP ProLiant N40L 

Client: Samsung laptop E152, Windows 7 PRO, WLAN 802.11g and GB LAN adapter.


I have carried out the following steps: 


Setup Profile Roaming. 

Booking the laptop into the domain via WLAN.

Login as Administrator 

Logoff from the Laptop 

Profile was copied to the server. 

Login as Administrator. 

Windows reports that the profile is used by another process. 

Logoff from the Laptop. 

The profiles becomes no longer synchronized. From now on I always got the
error message from Windows.

Restart Samba on the server. 

A registration is possible again at the server now. But only one times. The
old fault then comes. 

After I had found the Theard, I have deactivated WLAN. 

There are no more problems now. 


Do you know whether there is a solution for this issue or do you know
anybody who can help?


Viele Grüße/Regards

Jürgen Graband


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21423 Winsen (Luhe)


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