Single binary to rule them all!

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> Subject: Single binary to rule them all!
> As the subject says, I (along with a few others that I have 
> spoken with) think that it would make sense that the 'samba' 
> binary would take the lead and start the other binaries as 
> needed (smbd, nmbd, and winbindd). So what I am looking for 
> is possibly starting on something in writing about the 
> 'server role' directive. I know there are a few supported 
> right now, but would like to have a list that says, if 
> directive A, directive B, and directive C exist in a config, 
> then it MUST be server role A. I think this would be the 
> first essential step in a single binary startup, and that ,I 
> feel, would make package maintainers much happier.
> Thanks for your feedback,
> Ricky
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Doesn't the samba executable already perform this functionality.  I'm able to turn on/off most AD DC functionality through the
smb.conf "server services = " parameter.

For example a kerberos/ldap authentication engine with
  server services = rpc, ldap, kdc
I believe the full suite of services is:
  server services = s3fs, rpc, nbt, wrepl, ldap, cldap, kdc, drepl, winbind, ntp_signd, kcc, dnsupdate

A problem occurs when I only need a samba4 fileserver, so I add to configure:

Of course the samba-tool must then be told the --server-role.

I haven't tried building an Samba4 AD-DC, and only turning on the services for a member.

So, are you proposing that the full AD-DC be built and through manipulating smb.conf, the character of the machine is defined by
moving some of the functionality from samba-tool into what processes smb.conf?

Regards, Dewayne. 

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