MS Powerpoint won't open files off smaba share

Mike Bryce mike at
Tue Feb 12 18:56:26 MST 2013

Hi list,
I have a slightly outdated (Version 4.0.0alpha21) samba installation 
using the ntvfs server. This installation has trouble with MS Powerpoint 
when opening files. Powerpoint apparently does some odd file 
modification time manipulations that other apps don't do. This causes a 
failure logged as: pvfs_setfileinfo: utimes() failed '/file/path/here' - 
Operation not permitted

Does anyone on the list recall if this has been addressed in the enwer 
versions (4.0.2 is current I think)? Should I perhaps switch to the smbd 
file server instead or does it have similar issues?
Happy to supply more technical detail and do testing if required.
Have a Nice Day!

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