Problem with Samba 4, IPv4, IPv6 and Kerberos

Mark Pilant lpilant at
Tue Feb 12 13:49:37 MST 2013

After having successfully getting Samba 4 up and running as a DC using
IPv4, I need to also have the internal DNS handle IPv6 traffic.
Provisioning the domain with IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces available works fine.
I can start up Samba and everything works until I try to use the Samba
internal Kerberos.

Attempting to do a simple kinit fails trying to "talk" to the KDC.  I
tracked this down to the fact that Samba 4 was not listening on port 88.
Now if I restrict the Samba 4 interface to only the IPv4 address, Samba 4
comes up listening on Port 88.  (I have not tried restricting Samba to
listen only on the IPv6 address.  That's next.)

So the question then becomes: how do I set up/configure Samba 4 to operate
in a combined IPv4 and IPv6 environment?

Thanks in advance.

- Mark

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