Samba4 AD up and running

Marc Muehlfeld samba at
Sun Feb 10 09:49:30 MST 2013

Hello Paul,

Am 10.02.2013 08:29, schrieb Paul Macdonnell:
> My next problem now, is that I'm not having my profiles sync'd back to the
> server again.
> I created /usr/local/samba/var/profiles directory and set the Profile path
> for all users, according to the wiki instructions.

Can you please check the following:

1. Can you see the share when you run 'smbclient -L servername -U%'? If 
not, try restarting samba.

2. Can you access the \\server\profiles share from windows (or by 

3. Can you access \\server\profiles\%Username% from windows?

4. Can you place a file in \\server\profiles\%Username%?

5. If you re-open the profile tab of an user in ADUC, is the shown path 
to the profile, the one you expected? %USERNAME% should be replaced by 
the account name.


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