Samba 4 internal DNS question

Mark Pilant lpilant at
Mon Feb 4 08:38:13 MST 2013

I'm trying to track down an issue where it appears the Samba 4 AD DC I've
set up does not contain the AAAA entries for the systems in the domain.

What is the best way to dump out all of the DNS entries from Samba's
internal DNS server?  This should tell me what the Samba DNS knows about,
and then I can go about trying to determine why the entries are not present
(if they are indeed not there).

BTW, I've been looking over the various bits of Samba 4 (wiki)
documentation to see if there is anything specific to enable IPv6 support,
but all I've found was for older versions of Samba 4, and most everything
indicated it should "just work" with the final release.

Thanks in advance.

- Mark

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