can I let all winbindd processes accept connections like nginx does

Tom sambalearn at
Tue Dec 17 08:11:59 MST 2013

Volker, appreciate your help!

>> Since you said DC is bottleneck, then in your experience,
>> generally how many NTLM authentications that winbindd can
>> handle per second, wthat's the expected performance?(seems
>> 300/s is small....)
>I tried to express that I *suspect* the DC to be the

Sorry, there was a misunderstanding since English is not my native language.  :)
I tried to say whether you have some data showing the expected performance of winbindd.
If I could get such information, it would be very helpful to do performance tuning.

>> and 
>> What's the best practice to do high performance NTLM authentication ?
>Do exactly what you do and try to find the bottlenecks.
>So, where next? We need to find out what limits you. Classic
>performance tuning means a lot of measurements. Plain "top"
>and "strace -ttT" are the start for me. Does the parent
>winbind max out the CPU for example? Does it properly use
>epool and not poll? How busy are the child winbind processes
>wrt syscalls and CPU as shown in top? Can you try running
>perf on those individual processes that turn out to be a
>These are the questions that come to my mind directly when I
>was to dig into this problem on the box itself.

Yes, I have already done some performance tuning before I sent my first email to this email list.
The CPU utilization of all the child winbindd processes are no more than 10 percent.
The CPU utilization of the parent winbindd processes is about 30-40 percent.
I found the parent winbindd process spent a lot of CPU time on 'poll' syscall, seems it can't handle so many concurrent connections well.

I will troubleshoot it further. thanks for your performance tuning guidance.

Thanks again. :)

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