[GSoC 2013]Interested in Porting Samba to GTK3

Prannoy Pilligundla prannoyp.1994 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 09:03:06 MDT 2013

> I think he might have meant that except for gregedit everything has been
> ported
> from C to Python. As far as I know none of the utilities have been ported
> to
> GTK3; I'd be delighted to find out they are.
 Ok,i am ready to take up the responsibility of porting everything to
GTK3.I will include that as well in my timeline and i think i should
concentrate more on that part as that is the main part of the idea on which
i am working on.

So, I'm not really convinced of the usefulness of the gregedit on top of the
> DCE/RPC interface. I'd rather see the libregistry-based gregedit finished,
> as that
> also allows us direct access to the Samba registry and registry files.
 Okay,i will work on completing the libregistry-based gregedit finished.

How are they messed up, and what do you mean with methods ?

  I was talking about  mgmt, epmapper, misc methods in gepdump in bin
folder. I didnt check them out personally but i  wanted to correct them as
    dhananjay mentioned that there was some problem with the methods.

Thanks and Regards
Prannoy Pilligundla

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