[GSoC 2013]Interested in Porting Samba to GTK3

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Tue Apr 30 08:12:22 MDT 2013

On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 07:37:09PM +0530, Prannoy Pilligundla wrote:
> I only see gregedit being mentioned for porting here, not any of the other
> > utilities.
> >
>  I could not go through the whole code as i have examinations going on
> right now but Dhananjay mentioned that except gregedit everything else has
> been ported.So i mentioned only gregedit
I think he might have meant that except for gregedit everything has been ported
from C to Python. As far as I know none of the utilities have been ported to
GTK3; I'd be delighted to find out they are.

> | Porting regedit in the bin to GTK3 and adding the missing functionalities
> > to the rpc based implementation in the sambagtk package.
> > What missing functionality are you referring to here exactly?
> >
>  Apologies for my mistake.I framed the sentence wrong.As rpc based
> implementation in the sambagtk package is presumed to be duplicate,i wanted
> to add missing functionalities "if there are any"
So, I'm not really convinced of the usefulness of the gregedit on top of the
DCE/RPC interface. I'd rather see the libregistry-based gregedit finished, as that
also allows us direct access to the Samba registry and registry files.

> | Improving and solving issues related with binutilities and user manager
> > which are arising due to lack of proper MSDN documentation
> > What do you mean with binutilities?
>  I wanted to correct the methods(mgmt, epmapper, misc) as i was told that
> they are changed drastically and mixed up as of now
How are they messed up, and what do you mean with methods ? 



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