up-to-date samba4 debian wheezy package ?

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Sat Apr 27 03:16:22 MDT 2013

Quoting Andrew Bartlett (abartlet at samba.org):

> And this is where I was working, but I've been caught up on other
> things, so I've not made progress in a couple of months.  I probably
> need someone else to take over, but for now it remains on 'my list'. 
> I got stuck at the point of rebasing the changes on the 'samba'
> bzr-converted-to-git tree rather than the 'samba4' git tree. 

On my side, I plan to try having a converted repository : convert the
current SVN with all its tags and branches. I now have some practice
of this on other repos used for Debian packages development (for much
much simpler packages than samba, though). I think it's likely to help
in doing the merge if the "samba" package development repo is also a
git repo.

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